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Social Media Specialist

Job Summary:

As a social media specialist, you will manage all social media channels, campaigns, and team members to sustain an engaging audience experience and to increase audience satisfaction...

Web Developer

Job Summary:

The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation...

Virtual Assistant

Job Summary:

We're looking for a virtual assistant with retail knowledge to complete clerical
projects that are anticipated to require around 10-15 hours per week for two weeks or for until the required hours are been accomplished.


FSG is a brand development firm that exists as a catalyst for organizational growth. Through the power of our strategic branding process, we work relentlessly to uncover your organization’s unique identity focusing on the most effective means to communicate your brand. Developing a strong brand leads directly to improved team morale, increased brand loyalty and a stronger bottom line.



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