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The Power of Branding

What makes the world’s greatest companies thrive? They engage, interact, and connect with their audiences. Most think it is because of marketing and advertising, but there is a difference between marketing and branding. Branding leaves you memorable, while marketing makes an impression.

Branding tells your story, while marketing just gives an introduction. This big difference is what separates companies to brands. Learn how to empower your brand today.

What Fuels Your Brand?

Branding creates loyalty, by driving the decisions of its consumers, customers, and end users, and it all starts behind a story and a mission, a “brand message”. When you think BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, come to mind. When you think McDonald’s one thinks, “I’m Lovin’ It.” When you see Nike you think, “Just Do It”.

Branding Tells Stories

Behind every great brand lies an even greater story, and it started with the face,

a name, and a legend.

The Power of Relationship

Branding drives relationships and it all starts with creating an inviting customer-centric brand that engages, interacts, and connects with audiences and directly down to the customer and consumer.

What is Brand

A brand is who we are in the hearts and minds of our internal and external audiences in relationship to our competition.

It is everything audiences think, feel, and experience about the products and services offered.

The Essence Of Customer Centric

Many companies make the mistake of putting too much time and efforts on promotions that rely on discounts or specials, but this actually hurts the perception of credibility. Brands are only as strong as their products/services and the greatest of these never have to lower their value. “Great brands do not sacrifice long term results for short term gain”. Instead, they focus on creating a “Customer-Centric” brand through quality assurance and experience, think Apple, Tesla, and Ritz Carlton.

Branding Is An Expectation of Performance

- David N. Martin Sr.,

Firestarter had the honor of working closely with the late and great David Martin who was behind brands like Walmart, Target, and Geico. Firestarter CEO Eric Macalma has adapted Martin’s motto that “Branding is an expectation of performance, while marketing only sets expectations” and encourages our representatives to

continue teaching this concept to clients to this day.



Brands that focus on civic engagement and social issues, creates loyalty among its consumers, because it shows what the company stands for. What they find is their audience will fight for what they believe and passionately advocate not only for the cause but for the brand itself.

What is your Brand Culture?

What is your Brand’s mission, philosophy, and ethos? This creates a culture that should resound as a lifestyle and everyday mindset throughout your team and your customers. Brands like Apple, transform the way we think, hence their slogan, “Think Different”.

Brand is Always Build: Strong Emotional Connection

People are not moved by what they see, hear, or touch, but by what they feel.

Layers of a Brand

Imagine are stepping into a market place looking for apples. There are two types of apples, ones that are under the brightly lit light, clean and pristine, perfectly uniform, and perfect for the picking, and another set of apples in the other corner in tightly sealed clear plastic bags.

Who chooses the ones in the bags over the apples that are out in the open paying for premium, unless they know what they are buying into?





FSG is a brand development firm that exists as a catalyst for organizational growth. Through the power of our strategic branding process, we work relentlessly to uncover your organization’s unique identity focusing on the most effective means to communicate your brand. Developing a strong brand leads directly to improved team morale, increased brand loyalty and a stronger bottom line.