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Virtual Assistant

Job Description

We're looking for a virtual assistant with retail knowledge to complete clerical projects that are anticipated to require around 10-15 hours per week for two weeks or for until the required hours are been accomplished.


  • Taking inbound calls from customers about products and warranties.

  • Answering/forwarding emails from customers, partners, and vendors.

  • Placing customer notes in a worksheet.

  • Coordinating the owner's meeting calendar during weekdays.

  • Booking travel arrangements for conferences.

  • Administrative/Fielding Calls.

  • Answer calls, return emails, and similar tasks.

  • Provide various levels of customer service.

  • Type documents, mail letters and take notes.

  • Serve as a point of contact for other team members.

  • Schedule meetings and manage the daily calendar.

  • Book travel accommodations and car rentals.

  • Manage blogs and social media accounts. 

  • Create presentations and sales materials.

  • Collaborate with writers, graphic artists, and designers.

  • Handle financial tasks in payroll and accounting.

  • Make business purchases and deal with vendors.

  • Share industry-related advice and guidance.

  • Handle website maintenance and updates.

  • Manage servers, networks, and office hardware.

  • Provide tech-support to customers and vendors.

  • Drive traffic to online storefronts.

  • Create promotional campaigns and events.

  • Find and engage potential customers.

  • Advise on best business practices.

  • Build teams and recruit other virtual assistants.

  • Handle scheduling and delegate daily tasks.


  • Expertise in customer service.

  • Great communication skills via phone, email, and chat.

  • Strong knowledge of Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

  • Some knowledge of retail sales (online and in-store)

  • Experience in consumer electronics a big plus.

To apply please send your CV/Resume to admin@firestartergroup.com 


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